Adobe Illustrator – Introduction

On this Introduction to Illustrator Course you will learn the tools & techniques used by professionals to create artwork from scratch and to edit existing artwork. The course will show you how to create unique artwork for both web and print.

By the end of the training you will be able to create social media icons, infographics, banners, artwork for print such flyers, logo, stationery and business graphics.

Overview of Palettes
Control Bar

Elliptic, poly, spiral, rectangle tools
Drawing geometric shapes
Reshaping / resizing
Transforming tool/ scale, reflect, shear and rotate
Pathfinder palette

Brush Stokes
Apply/ Change/ Edit Strokes
Variable Stroke Widths
Apply Fills

Selection tool
Direct selection tool
Adding / removing to selections
Tips / tricks for smarter selecting

Colour palettes
Process / spot / global colours / pantones
Swatch palette / adding / editing / deleting swatches
Working with Fill & Stroke colours
Gradient adding colour / editing colours / inkwells
Eyedropper tool /Paintbucket tool

Grids /Guides
Arrange /Stacking order of objects
Grouping / ungrouping
Align and distribute

Bézier pen
Adding / removing points
Joining / cutting paths – knife tool
Pencil tool
Smooth tool
Reshape tool
Eraser tool

Creating / editing type
Typeface attributes / tracking / leading / kerning etc
Type on a path
Type path options
Outline type
Type area tool
Frame options

Working with Object transparency
Blend Effects

Placing images
Linking & embedding
Links Panel
Tracing images in Illustrator

Printing files
Print options

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