Adobe Photoshop – Introduction

On this Introduction to Photoshop Training Course you will learn the fundamentals of working with photographs for business or pleasure. During the course you will explore and experiment with the tools needed to retouch and enhance your photos and create original artwork from scratch.

Create New / Open Existing Images
Design for Print, Web or Mobile
Work with Photoshop Presets

Lasso Tools
Quick Select /Colour Wand
Select & Mask
Select Subject

Photoshop Workspace
Navigating Photoshop
Photoshop Toolbox
Photoshop Panels
Photoshop Properties Panel
Window Menu

Transform /Free Transform Tools
Rotation, Warp, Distort, Perspective
Content Aware Scale
Edit Menu >Fill & Stroke

Image Size /Resolution
Dimensions /Fit To
Resample Options

Crop Tool
Delete Cropped Pixels /Content-Aware
Crop Preset /Ratio

Colour Modes RGB /CMYK
Accurate Colour Sampling

Working with Type
Editing Type
Character & Paragraph Type
Type Warp
Type Considerations

Create, Edit, Delete Layers
Merge /Link /Duplicate Layers

Adobe Smart Workflow
Working with Adjustment Layers
Editing Adjustment Layers
Colour & Tonal Adjustment Layers

Colour Adjustments /Levels /Curves /Colour Balance
Brightness & Contrast
Converting Images & Backgrounds to Black & White

Smart Objects
None-destructive Transformations
Smart Filters

Clone Stamp
Working with Content Aware
Healing Brush & Spot Healing Brush

File Formats
Print Output

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