Adobe XD – Introduction

Once the tools, interface and basic techniques have been covered you will be able to design and create your own project. This starts with creating a site map and then involves adding images, components, links to the artboard layouts and finally exporting the project.

Tools and Menu Items
Setting up your Adobe XD Home screen
Previewing your work
Design /Prototype /Share Tabs

Adding /Deleting Artboards
Resizing Adobe XD artboards

Creating shapes and objects
Editing shapes
Customizing and saving Adobe XD shapes

Work with XD Tools Panel
Align & Distribute
Group /Ungroup Grid
Layout /Responsive Resize
Appearance /Blend Mode

Importing Photos
Importing Vecto
Importing UI Elements into Adobe Experience Design

What are Assets?
Colours, Character Styles
Link Assets
Share Assets
Update Assets
Apply & Reuse Assets

Adding /Editing Text
Importing Text
Adobe XD UI Kits

Create & Manage Components
Component Instances
Edit Main Components
Over-ride Component Instances
Add States to Components
Make Components Interactive

Importing updated text into your grids

Learning & Drawing with the Pen Tool
Editing Pen Paths & Pen Handles
Pen Tips & Tricks
Custom Paths /Corner Radius Values
Shape Attributes /Stokes /Fills /Gradients /Blurs /Drop Shadows

Masking images
Cropping images in Adobe XD

Grouping and ungrouping
Cloning Adobe XD objects
Aligning and distributing

Creating and editing existing symbols

Creating links in an Adobe XD project
Creating transitions between screens
Simulating user interactions with the None transition
Creating back links

Viewing XD Design on Mobiles
Device Preview
Recording Prototypes
Sharing XD projects Online
XD into Behance

Creating Multiple Screens
Pixel Perfect Grids (precise layout)
Prototyping interactions and transitions
Designing for different screen sizes
Sharing design specs with developers

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