Photoshop Social Media Graphics

The Photoshop Social Media Graphics course can be delivered as an Introduction to Photoshop Course where you will learn the tools and techniques needed to work in Photoshop but targeted to digital output. The type of thing you will learn to create are banners, Social Media Icons, LinkedIn Graphics, Twitter and Facebook imagery and posts.

This course will show you how to work with moving images such as GIF’s, Animations and Video. You will learn howto create, design, edit and publish short marketing videos using Photoshop Tools & the Timeline.

It will also show you how to design and apply text effects and FX Effects to add to your imagery then output them to the Web.

Palette overview

Grids / Guides / Rulers
New Grid Layout
Pixel settings
Image Resize / Resolution / Artwork sizin

Navigating Photoshop
Understanding Tools & Panels
Path Tools for Vector Art

Creating Header Images
Social Media Icons & Images
Social Media Image Sizes
Vector Design
Creating Backgrounds

Image Slicing (for blogs, eshots, sites)
Slice Tool
Editing Slices
Exporting for Media

Understanding the Timeline
Frame Based Animations
Animation Panel
Animation & Layers

Design a Facebook header
Create a Twitter background image
Create images for WordPress background
Create animated adverts
Web page mock-ups

Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Magic Wand, *Quick Select
Feathering Selections
Expanding / Reducing Selections
Modifying / Transforming Selections
Quick Masks
Save / Load a Selection

Transform /Free Transform Tool
Perspective Tool
Eraser / Background Eraser / Magic Eraser
Crop Tool / Crop Tool Options

Creating Video from Stills
Video Timeline /Frame Animation
Working with MP4’s
SmartObjects (working with the Timeline)
Photoshop Filters
Photoshop RAW Filter
Remove Blemishes from Frames

Understanding Frames
Frame Speed
Frame Timing

Exporting File Formats
Export with H.264 codec (along with the HD 1080p 25)
Export to GIF

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