Adobe Premier Pro – Quickstart Course

This Premier Pro Course will give you a firm introduction to the art of video editing. You will learn to add, manipulate, organise and export clips giving your video both a professional look and panache.

You will find out how easy it is to add make cuts to clips, add effects, control audio, add titles and more. By the end of the course you will be able to create, design and publish your own videos for social media, web and distribution.

Overview of Tabs
Overview of Panels
Overview of Timeline
Overview of Media Browser
Creating Projects

Creating Sequences
Working with Multiple Sequences
Sequence Panela
Creating Sequence Presets

Identifying & Collecting Assets
Adding Assets
Removing Assets

Understanding the Timeline
Adding Clips to Timeline
Modifying and Moving Clips on the Timeline
Selecting & Marking Footage

Track Forward /Back
Ripple Edit
Rolling Edit
Rate Stretch
Slip /Slide Tools

Targeting Tracks
Sync-lock Toggle
Insert & Overlay Edits
Lift & Extract
Moving /Editing /Removing Clips on Timeline

Linking /Un-linking Audio Tracks
Adding Audio Tracks
Adding Music
Cleaning up Sound
Cleaning up Vocals
Add Audio Transitions
Speed Ramping

Add Video Clips
Trim & Edit Video Clips
Add Video Transitions

Adding Transitions
Editing Transitions
Applying Transitions
Types of Transitions
Jump Cuts /Clip Transitions when to use
Layer Based Transitions
Light Leak Transitions with Blends

Adding Effects
Effect Controls
Adding Keyframes

Animating Objects
Picture Fit to Timeline
PIP (Picture in Picture)

Adding Text
Animating Text
Inserting Images
Animating Images

Create Titles
Export & Import Titles
Create & Edit Unique Title Styles
Place Graphics into Titles
Insert Graphics into Crawling Titles
Title Template

Adding a Mask
Editing a Mask
Mask Path /Mask Feather /Mask Opacity /Mask Expansion
Working with Layer Masks
FX Levels

Exporting to External Sources
Export to MP4
Export to Youtube
Export to Social Media, Vimeo, LinkedIn, YouTube

This Quick Start Premier Pro Training is flexible content that can be added and removed as required.

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