Microsoft Word – Advanced

Following on from our Word Intermediate course you will learn how to use the advanced features of Microsoft Word to their full potential. Ideal for Training Manuals, Procedures and Company Polices.

Learn how to manipulate large quantities of data through Master and SubDocuments, quickly create Table of contents and Figures, work with Footnotes and Endnotes, Captions, Cross-references and Indexes.

Create professional Forms, merge database and list information with Mail-Shots and save time by automating repetitive tasks with Macros.

Overview of the Mail Merge Process
Step 1: Setting Up the Main Document
Step 2: Creating a Data Source
Step 2: Selecting an Existing Data Source
Step 3: Inserting Merge Fields
Step 3: Inserting Rules Fields
Step 4: Previewing a Mail Merge
Step 5: Completing the Mail Merge
Editing the Data Source
Creating Labels
Creating Envelopes

Advanced Creating a Document in Outline View
Rearranging an Outline or Long Document
Numbering an Outline
Viewing an Outline
Navigating Long Documents
Working with Master Documents
Using Bookmarks
Using Cross-references
Creating a Table of Contents Using Heading Styles
Creating a Table of Contents Using TC Entries
Working with Picture Captions
Creating an Index
Using Footnotes and Endnotes
Using Citations and Bibliographies

Creating a Document Template
Using a Document Template
Creating Building Blocks
Creating AutoText
Using Building Blocks and AutoText
Attaching a Different Template to a Document
Copying Styles between Documents and Templates

Creating a New Form
Adding Content Controls
Assigning Help to Form Content Controls
Preparing the Form for Distribution
Filling Out a Form

Customisng the Ribbon
Using and Customising AutoCorrect
Changing Word’s Default Options

Translating Text
Publishing a Blog Entry
Using Hyperlinks
Viewing Document Properties and Finding a File
Recovering Your Documents (Office 365)
Managing Versions (Office 365)
Recording a Macro
Playing and Deleting a Macro
Editing a Macro’s Visual Basic Code

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