Microsoft Word – Introduction

Quickly get to grips with the fundamentals of Microsoft Word to enable you to create and edit simple documents with a professional look. Learn how to format Pages, Text and Paragraphs, Create Lists and Bullet Points and Create Headers and Footers with automated Page Numbering and Titles.

Starting Word
Understanding the Word Program Screen
Giving Commands in Word
Using Command Shortcuts
Creating a New Document
Opening a Document
Previewing and Printing a Document
Saving a Document
Closing a Document
Using Help Exiting Word

Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
Converting an Older Document to Word 2016/2019/O365

Entering and Deleting Text
Selecting and Replacing Text
Navigating through a Document
Browsing a Document
Viewing a Document
Working with the Document Window
Viewing Multiple Document Windows

Checking Spelling and Grammar
Finding Text
Replacing Text
Using Word Count and the Thesaurus
Inserting Symbols and Special
Characters Copying and Moving Text
Controlling How Text is Copied or Moved
Collecting Multiple Items to Move or Copy
Using Undo, Redo, and Repeat

Changing Font Type
Changing Font Size
Changing Font Color and Highlighting Text
Changing Font Styles and Effects
Applying Spacing and Ligatures
Creating Lists
Changing Paragraph Alignment
Adding Paragraph Borders and Shading
Changing Line Spacing
Changing Spacing Between Paragraphs
Copying Formatting Setting Tab Stops
Adjusting and Removing Tab Stops
Using Left and Right Indents
Using First Line and Hanging Indents

Adjusting Margins
Changing Page Orientation and Size
Using Columns
Using Page Breaks
Using Headers and Footers

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